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Successfully strengthening proposal-writing skills of AEC technical professionals nationwide
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As an AEC technical professional, you've learned how to design projects according to standard engineering and architectural practice, and build them in a safe and efficient manner according to your client's specifications.

But when it comes to putting your experience into words that win work, there's a hole in your professional knowledge.

We here at AEC Proposal Institute are dedicated to teaching AEC technical professionals how to write winning proposals, using the lingo & same process-based thinking that guides you to technical and managerial success.

AEC Proposal Institute brings you unique instruction & insight from:
(a) Technical professionals that actively win work through successful proposal writing,
(b) Clients of AEC-related agencies (cities, counties, DOTs, MPOs, etc.) who review SOQs, and
(c) Marketing professionals with proven AEC industry success.

We look forward to teaching you how to stand out in the crowd of competitors, using words as your weapon.
Firm-Specific Coaching
Every quarter we work with AEC firms nationwide to identify and create firm-specific solutions to proposal process and writing issues. Our end goal is to help your firm find ways to increase your proposal win rate.

This one-on-one work allows us to 
- interact with staff at all levels, unearthing proposal-process issues, then 
- partner with upper management to craft and implement new processes that create positive change.

If interested in learning more, please call our office at 512-710-0741 to set up a meeting.
Upcoming Training
Upon completion, all attendees will receive PDH/CEU certification from the AEC Proposal Institute
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2019 - Past Training Events
  • TxDOT-Focused RFQ/RFP Writing Program. LIVE WEBINAR. Dates: Apr 8, 15, 22, 30th. Teaching experienced AEC professionals the in's and out's of the TxDOT PEPS process, and the keys to winning a PEPS contract. (Taught by DOTomation Consulting staff, www.dotomation.com) - registration closed / 67 slots filled.
  • Proposal Bootcamp 101. LIVE WEBINAR. Dates: Mar 25, Apr 5, Apr 12. Built to train AEC technical professionals who want a tried-and-true successful proposal process for writing, reviewing & revising qualifications-based RFQs and RFPs. - registration closed / 54 slots filled.
  • Proposal Success through Networking. LIVE WEBINAR. Date: May 6. 1.0 PDH/CEU available. Webinar on May 6th, 11a CST / 12p EST. - registration closed / 22 slots filled.
  •  Make Your Examples Shine to the Selection Team. LIVE WEBINAR. Dates: May / June. 1.0 PDH / CEU available. Registration closed.
  • TxDOT-​Focused RFQ/RFP Writing Program. LIVE WEBINAR. Dates: July 22 & 29, Aug 5 & 12. Teaching experienced AEC professionals the in's and out's of the TxDOT PEPS process, and the keys to winning a PEPS contract. (Taught by DOTomation Consulting staff, www.dotomation.com) - registration closed / 76 slots filled.

Current Training Events
  • Make Your Examples Shine to the Selection Team. Session Speaker at CECON (San Marcos, TX, September 18, 2019), and LCECS Conference (New Orleans, LA, Sept 26, 2019). 
Coming Soon!
  • ON-DEMAND TRAINING: Our key training opportunities will be available on-demand, at your convenience, starting in late spring, 2019. Please contact us if you're interested in this more cost-effective, and convenient, option.
from Past Training Program Attendees
Testimonials from Engineering Managers

"I wanted to share with you that [since your training] we won the contract we've been targeting. Thank you again for your valuable training sessions." 
- Regional Firm Manager

"[The training] got our folks to be more responsive and focused on what the client is actually asking." - Senior VP

"...working with you has trained our staff better and they have learned more about what is important and what to highlight." - Vice President

"I have seen a vast improvement in the way we write responses..." - Business Group Director

Testimonials from Engineers

"It now takes me half the time to compose and develop proposals." - Engineer/PM

"The [training] was great, truly. There are already a lot of things that I want to apply from today's class…" - Engineer/Senior Project Manager

"It was EXTREMELY helpful! And I am not exaggerating...Everything you said makes so much sense, BUT I guess I needed someone to organize these ideas and present them to me." - Engineer/PM

"[Karen] really reinforced several areas that our team needed to focus on. She used catchy phrases, examples and logic in such a way that each team member could understand its relevance. Now our team is much more single minded and focused." - Engineer/PM

Testimonials from Marketing Managers / Professionals

"Karen has the unique ability to bridge the gap between marketing theory and practical application while providing a needed service for engineers in a language and approach they understand. Her input and expertise has paved the way for more successful communication between our engineering and marketing staff, which in turned eased our proposal development woes. She singlehandedly introduced a better way to approach our services that benefits our brand, both internally and externally. I am very pleased with the results and highly recommend Karen and her team." - Marketing Manager

"The firm-specific calls were useful in hearing specific feedback on our unique issues/problems at our firm. Karen's comments were productive; the path forward was clearly shown." - Marketing Coordinator

"I am in the process of starting a new strategic program and this really helped reinforce everything I am trying to implement in addition to some new techniques we can add to the toolbox.…Worthwhile training…" - Business Development Manager

"[The] training was very good. Exactly what [our technical professionals] need!" - Senior Marketing Coordinator
After investing 20+ years in the AEC industry, Karen Morgan, PE (TX) founded the
AEC Proposal Institute. 

As an engineer/PM, Karen worked for TxDOT and a global engineering firm, leading city, county and state-level projects to on-time, on-budget completion. As a marketer, Karen worked in the marketing departments of two engineering firms to successfully increase wins due to her proposal processes and strategic insight. She now actively consults to nationwide AEC firms looking for a technical marketer to guide and teach their senior and junior technical staff.

Her goal is to strengthen proposal-writing skills of AEC technical professionals nationwide through the AEC Proposal Institute. 

She is a member of American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC), American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Women in Transportation Seminar (WTS), and the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS).

Karen or her staff may be reached via the contact information below.
Get notified of future training programs, tips & tricks, and new blog posts

Questions? Please contact us at:
Email: contact (at) aecproposalinstitute (dot) org
Phone: 512-710-0741
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